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Rose Molz
EZ Office Products

I used to think it was always best to either do marketing myself (after all, who knows my company better than me) or to reach out to an an industry-related marketing arm (after all, they're supposed to know my industry). Both were bad ideas and did not make good business sense. Why? First, I finally caved. I realized if I wanted my business to flourish and grow, I acknowledged that I do not have quality time to give marketing the dedicated effort it needs. Second, using an industry-related marketing firm brought little creativity and I recognized that everything that was an idea of my own or perhaps an idea brought to me just got re-purposed as marketing for another in my industry...sometimes even a competitor. Now that I've switch to Sortis Digital Marketing I am confidence that I have access to some of the best marketing minds available to me. Sortis Digital Marketing is not only creative and innovative, they question my industry's status quo. They have moved my business from being a follower to a leader. Lesson learned. Too bad it took me 15 years to figure that out, but better late than never!


Victoria Thomas, Vice President of Vicci Car Auctions
Victoria Thomas
Vice President
Vicci Car Auctions

We came to Sortis with an enormous idea. When meeting the team, it was clear we had made the correct choice; we were very impressed. As the project progresses, they have exceeded our expectations at every turn. We started this journey wanting a website, and immediately requested their further involvement because it was clear they were experts in many areas. Now we truly consider them partners. They have taken our dream and helped us clearly define a path to make it a reality and we are in awe as we watch it unfold. There aren't enough words to express my satisfaction.

Jason Jenson, Vice President Marketing at PartsNow!

Jason Jenson
Vice President Marketing

What impressed me about Sortis was their approach. It is not simply about building a nice website. It is about the positioning, messages and brand of our company as well as the impact on the customers.

David Fritske, Project Manager at AT&T
David Fritske

Project Manager

Sortis helped us understand the best solution for our needs. They were flexible, thorough and efficient. It has been a pleasure working with the entire team.

Samantha Long-Dennis 

Director of Communications  
Wisconsin Builders Association

Over the past year, our non-profit association has come to know Sortis as a professional, timely, and innovative digital marketing partner genuinely invested in our success.  They have been a terrific asset to a communications department of 1 (AKA me), helping me accomplish projects and tasks I simply did not have time to do on my own while also providing the necessary guidance and feedback to make sure we are keeping up with the industry’s best practices.  We’re also just as pleased with the process as we are with the final products produced; in other words, working with Sortis is a breeze.  They are always ahead of the game, deadlines are met, the quality is there the first time, and—if anything—they are usually waiting on me!  This is a refreshing scene change compared to past partnerships, and it allows us to cover a great deal of ground every month.