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5 Reasons to Hire an Experienced Agency for Your 2019 Strategic Marketing Plan

Discover the benefits of calling in reinforcements in the early planning stage.

One of the key benefits of hiring an agency for your 2018 strategic marketing plan is to create more accurate budgets.

Much like road-tripping without a GPS, attempting to market your business without a strategic marketing plan is next to impossible. If you don’t know where you’re going, it’s hard to take the right steps to get there. Strategic planning is the starting point for any successful company. And it pays to get help from the pros to ensure you’re setting yourself on the right path. Here are five benefits to hiring an experienced agency in the early stages of planning. 

1. Establish measurable business goals

While many companies have already set internal visionary business goals, there is much to be said about using an agency to help you identify highly specific measurable goals. Without them, you can only have a sense of whether you are making progress – not proof. These objectives will guide the direction of your marketing efforts in 2019. An agency can offer insight and review metrics like sales, profitability, margins, and market share to determine potential growth areas that will drive your goals. Measurable goal examples might be:

  • Increase revenue growth by 5%
  • Add two new tactics to your marketing mix
  • Decrease customer acquisition costs by 25%
  • Decrease costs of goods sold by 10%

2. Get a professional website evaluation

When you visit your website, do you find it user-friendly?  Does it have the graphics, features, and content that engage users and generate leads? Your answer is either yes, no, or even worse – I don’t know. If it’s one of the latter, your strategic marketing plan should include a thorough evaluation of your website. A web development and digital marketing agency can offer a fresh perspective on whether it contains all of the essential elements of a successful sales and marketing tool before you spend precious marketing dollars driving traffic to it that is unlikely to produce results.

3. Create a winning digital marketing mix

From social media platforms to Google’s ever-changing search algorithm, new digital tactics continually emerge and evolve. So which ones should you try in 2019? Companies will often choose to implement various tactics arbitrarily without understanding how they work or tying them to a specific business goal. The result? Money wasted. We’ve seen companies invest in paid advertising or boosted social media posts, for example, without a strategy behind their effort. This digital marketing faux pas is one of many dos and don’ts of paid advertising. It’s crucial to have an experienced agency that is up-to-date on the latest tactics and can think critically when planning the ideal marketing mix that will achieve the best results.

4. Set an accurate budget

Companies that set a website or marketing budget before completing the strategic plan will often underbudget and overspend. Avoid this altogether by engaging with an agency who can assist in developing your strategic marketing plan and budget in tandem. This approach will help you understand how much it will cost to achieve your desired results – and prevent you from spending too much or too little.

5. Stay focused on results

When you’re planning for next year, do you have a strategy for how you’ll measure results? A data-driven agency can ensure that your 2019 strategic marketing plan contains a clear way to monitor the performance of your overall campaign and each tactic. Using both industry and propriety measurement tools, Sortis incorporates analysis and reporting techniques into marketing plans to give clients the satisfaction of knowing that we hold ourselves accountable for delivering results.

While developing a strategic marketing plan is critical to business growth and success, it’s isn’t easy, especially for busy professionals who have a full plate already. Would you like help with web development and marketing planning for a more prosperous 2019? Now is the time to gather the troops. Contact our experienced digital marketing specialists and get started today.

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