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5 Reasons Website Improvement is Better than Website Redesign

Learn how evolving your site over time can be more responsible and strategic than investing in a complete overhaul.

One benefit of website improvement over website redesign is that you’ll have a refreshing look.

Overseeing the designing and development of your new corporate website can be intimidating, stressful, and time-consuming. Get it wrong, and you could easily cost your business – and your reputation – a fortune. With the relentless evolution in website design, you cannot afford to sit back and be idle. So, what to do? While enduring a complete website overhaul might seem like the only option, a more responsible and strategic way forward is to make small modifications over time. Here are five benefits of website improvement over website redesign:

1. Spread your costs over time

2. Keep your design fresh

3. Maintain your online credibility

4. Ensure peak performance

5. Have the freedom to adjust with business goals

Continue reading to learn more about why website improvement can be better than a website redesign.

1. Spread your costs over time 

A continual website improvement effort lets you avoid writing a big fat check to a web development company every few years for a massive redesign project. Instead, you can spread your costs over time as you make regular enhancements to your site. Committing to a consistent long-term billing schedule can also make it easier to estimate the funds you’ll need when planning fiscal budgets.  

2. Keep your design fresh 

Your visitors evaluate the look and feel of your website within seconds of landing and based on their assessment, they’ll decide whether they want to stick around. They’ll ask themselves questions like: Is the color scheme jarring or pleasing? Can I quickly find what I’m looking for? If your site fails to make a favorable first impression, it can instantly put you at a disadvantage. Website improvement is the only way to stay on top of ever-changing website design trends and user interface theories. If you invest a fortune in a one-time fix, you’ll be back to square one within a couple of years, wanting to redesign your website as it becomes ugly, out-of-date, and confusing when compared with competitors with the latest and greatest look.  

3. Maintain your online credibility 

Based on the most recent research on digital trends, navigation, appearance, simplicity, and fresh content are all linked to your online credibility. If your navigation is out-of-date, for instance, visitors will likely discredit the validity of the rest of the site. But improving your navigation, like any other aspect of your site, is not a single fix – you need a constant effort to make sure it functions and performs well. Through website improvements instead of a website redesign, you’ll progressively advance your site in ways that establish and reinforce your credibility in the online space.

4. Ensure peak performance 

Let’s say you invested in a website redesign last year, and because it was such a significant investment of effort and budget, you haven’t made any other updates since then. Even in that short time span, you’ve missed out on potentially critical website bug fixes, software updates, and a multitude of emerging methodologies meant to enhance your website’s performance. From boosting engagement and responsiveness to optimizing navigation and load speed, a consistent website improvement effort helps your site always perform at its best, so you can generate the leads and sales you need to reach your goals.       

Check out easy ways to improve your website here.

5. Have the freedom to adjust with business goals 

As times goes by, you might adjust your business strategy to align with stakeholder expectations, emerging markets, or environmental standards – which would also suggest that your website needs to adjust along with it. Committing to making website improvements over time lends the freedom necessary to make evolutionary changes as your company advances toward its newfound goals.

Is your company changing strategic direction? Find out how our goals-focused discovery process can deliver a returns-based digital marketing strategy that can propel you forward.

There are several benefits to website improvement over website redesign, but the best one is that it just makes financial and logical sense. Investing relatively small sums wisely over time can reap loads of rewards that a one-time investment could never beat.

Watch our educational video to learn more about the process of evolving your website.

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Victoria Thomas
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We came to Sortis with an enormous idea. When meeting the team, it was clear we had made the correct choice; we were very impressed. As the project progresses, they have exceeded our expectations at every turn. We started this journey wanting a website, and immediately requested their further involvement because it was clear they were experts in many areas. Now we truly consider them partners. They have taken our dream and helped us clearly define a path to make it a reality and we are in awe as we watch it unfold. There aren't enough words to express my satisfaction.

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What impressed me about Sortis was their approach. It is not simply about building a nice website. it is about the positioning, messages and Brand of our company as well as the impact on the customers.

David Francis

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Sortis helped us understand the best solution for our needs. They were flexible, thorough and efficient. It has been a pleasure working with the entire team.

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Over the past year, our non-profit association has come to know Sortis as a professional, timely, and innovative digital marketing partner genuinely invested in our success.  They have been a terrific asset to a communications department of 1 (AKA me), helping me accomplish projects and tasks I simply did not have time to do on my own while also providing the necessary guidance and feedback to make sure we are keeping up with the industry’s best practices.  We’re also just as pleased with the process as we are with the final products produced; in other words, working with Sortis is a breeze.  They are always ahead of the game, deadlines are met, the quality is there the first time, and—if anything—they are usually waiting on me!  This is a refreshing scene change compared to past partnerships, and it allows us to cover a great deal of ground every month.