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3 Reasons Your Company Should Have an Integrated Marketing Strategy

One of the reasons to have an integrated marketing strategy is to unify your message.

Marketing is an afterthought for many companies. Most know they should use it, but they often go about it haphazardly or shift focus any time a new gimmick strikes. If this approach sounds familiar, you are likely one of the many frustrated marketers who feels disappointed in the lack of results from your efforts. So how can you start driving more leads and revenue like a real master marketer? Marketing integration.

An integrated marketing strategy uses clear and consistent brand messaging across all channels. The key is to determine the voice and messaging that fits your brand and campaign goals, then stick to it – and not just in print and social media, but in every single channel in your campaign mix.

Marketing integration should play a key role in your overall strategy because:

1) It unifies your message

Consistency is key when you roll out a new campaign so that consumers can quickly understand and recognize your message regardless of the channel they come across. Inconsistencies make it easy to pass over your message or cause confusion – the death of any campaign.

2) It fosters a deeper connection with your audience

Consumers are inundated with an endless supply of marketers vying for their attention. So who will they listen to – a familiar voice or one they’ve just heard for the first time? Consistent messaging leads to familiarity and lays the groundwork for long-term trust and engagement.

3) It has the power to generate more revenue

The most compelling benefit of marketing integration is its potential to boost your bottom line. When your audience has a clear understanding of your message and finds your brand familiar, you can expect more – and better quality – leads for your business. 

Before you waste your marketing dollars on a disjointed effort, consider the benefits of marketing integration. It’s a foundational principle that requires a sound strategy to help you meet your goals. Do you need a results-based integrated marketing strategy? Our experienced digital marketing experts can get you back on track, including a lead forecast before you even begin—just call us at 608.827.7800 today!