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6 Pointers for Preparing Your 2019 Strategic Marketing Plan

Powerful tips to help you reach your marketing goals more efficiently.

Use our tips to create a strategic marketing plan that can help you reach your goals more efficiently.

The new year gives your company a chance to start fresh. Instead of dwelling on marketing mistakes and unmet goals, focus your energy on creating a plan for a more prosperous 2019. If you’ve been following our blog lately, we hope you’re feeling more prepared for this task. To recap, we’re sharing some of our favorite pointers with you as you begin (or wrap up) your 2019 strategic marketing plan.

1. Develop a comprehensive strategic marketing plan with an agency’s help

A strategic marketing plan acts as a roadmap for the year ahead. Let the results you want to achieve drive the budget and determine the marketing tactics that will work best to reach them. An experienced full-service digital agency can make this easier. Read more benefits of working with an experienced agency when developing your 2019 strategic marketing plan here.

2. Build a better budget

Budgeting blindly is one of the biggest mistakes you can make. Start setting a marketing budget 4-6 months prior to the new year. And much like revisiting your strategy to ensure that it’s working, revisit your budget throughout the year to analyze spending and whether you’re achieving your desired results. Failing to measure and adjust your budget could result in revenue loss and poor ROI. If numbers aren’t your strong suit, reach out to our marketing data geeks for assistance.

3. Address website design and digital marketing simultaneously

If you’re looking to revamp your website design and digital marketing strategy, work with a marketing agency that has the expertise to do both. This simultaneous effort will ensure that your website is built with your marketing goals in mind. It will save time, money, future headaches, and can also improve your results. Discover more benefits of working with one digital marketing agency here.

4. Avoid common marketing mistakes

To be successful, your website and marketing should always be aligned. Disconnected efforts and missed sales opportunities are two of the most common website design and marketing mistakes you can make. Seek out the help of an experienced digital marketing agency to find the marketing mix that is most likely to be successful. Find more common website design and marketing mistakes on our blog here.

5. Evaluate your website’s effectiveness

Website redesigns are expensive, so take time to assess the effectiveness of your current site before starting over. Consider sales funnels, load time, overall look and feel, and conversion rates to determine how well your website is working for you. It might be that only small improvements are necessary, saving you time and money in the short-term.  Use our simple website analysis checklist to get started.

6. Optimize your website’s performance

Even if you recently built a new website, there is always room for improvement. Strive to boost engagement with impactful visuals, customer support features, and interactive elements. Giving visitors a positive experience on your site will encourage them to return and recommend you to their friends. For more help optimizing your website, check out our blog.

Does developing next year’s marketing plan, budget, and website feel overwhelming? Don’t fret. Working with an experienced digital marketing agency will give you a competitive edge on marketing opportunities you’ve yet to try, help fix past mistakes, and prepare you for a more prosperous 2019. Contact our Madison-area digital marketing specialists for expert advice on strategic planning, setting a marketing budget, website design, and more.



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