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13 Digital Marketing Mistakes You Want to Avoid

Avoid these marketing faux pas like broken mirrors on Friday the 13th.

One of the most common marketing mistakes that you want to avoid is targeting the wrong audience.

Digital marketing can be tricky to manage. Companies often go through series of trial and error before landing on the right strategy or getting the results they want, which can be a very time-consuming and costly way to build your business.

Developing a winning digital marketing strategy takes more than making your best guesses. In honor of Friday the 13th, we’ve put together a list of 13 marketing mistakes to avoid:

1) Targeting the wrong audience

There are many tools (especially on social media platforms) that allow you to convey your message directly to your ideal target demographic. Take advantage of them rather than casting an overly-large net.

2) Marketing without clear campaign goals

Be sure to set goals for your marketing efforts before you invest to ensure you know whether your efforts are working. Perhaps your campaign goal is to grow an e-mail database. Take it a step further by using metrics and analytics that your team can measure to determine the success of the campaign.

3) Overlooking mobile

There are many advantages to creating mobile-centric campaigns, including improved user accessibility and brownie points from Google. Make sure that you take the mobile interface into consideration when developing websites and online webforms that you want your customers to access from anywhere.

4) Avoiding social media

Social media is a driving force in digital marketing because it allows you to establish and nurture connections with your users. It’s a trend that’s not going away anytime soon. Keep information on social profiles up-to-date and execute a cohesive social media strategy for best results.

5) Ignoring routine website testing

Launching a new website is a lot of work. Spend time testing it to make sure that it functions properly on desktop and mobile devices before you launch them to the public. There’s nothing more embarrassing than broken links and site errors.

6) Being unorganized

Create a marketing calendar to keep your posting schedules and campaigns in order. Use time-saving organizational tools like Hootsuite, a free online resource that you can use to schedule your social posts in advance if you’re frequently on-the-go and away from your desk.

7) Neglecting search engine optimization (SEO)

A sound SEO strategy will help you achieve page one rankings on Google so potential customers can find you online. If your website is already optimized, an ongoing effort will help you maintain your rankings and secure new ones over time. 

8) Disregarding analytics

It’s important to analyze the performance of your blog posts, social media, and website activity to ensure you're reaching and engaging with your target audience. Spend time reviewing your data regularly to see whether campaign adjustments are needed to improve performance.

9) Shying away from video

Video is a significant player in digital marketing. There’s a reason why major social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are incorporating the ability to record “live” videos through their platforms. Customers want to see real-time footage – deliver it.

10) Not monitoring paid ad performance (PPC)

When you launch paid ads, also known as pay-per-click (PPC), and forget to review their performance, it’s extremely possible that you end up wasting money in the process. Make it a habit to closely monitor paid ads and tweak your campaigns when necessary. Sometimes a simple wording change or improved ad targeting can make a big difference in your success. Learn more about the benefits of adding digital paid advertising to your marketing mix.

11) Copying competitors

There is a difference between reviewing competitor research and following directly in their footsteps. Use competitor campaigns as inspiration, but never duplicate their efforts. Strive to perform at a higher caliber.

12) Mismanaging customer reviews

Social media and other review services like Yelp and Angie’s List are the go-to sites for customer reviews. Make sure that you monitor these sites regularly to answer customer concerns and follow-up with questions posed to your company so you can build and maintain your online reputation. 

13) Forgetting the user experience

The user experience is critical in digital marketing. Ensure that your websites are responsive, clean and functional. Take it to the next level by including attractive features like search funnels, live chat buttons and other interactive functions that make it easy for users to get the answers they need quickly.

Avoiding critical marketing mistakes is the key to achieving great results. Do you need assistance putting your next digital marketing strategy together? Learn more about our integrated marketing approach or contact our Madison-area experienced digital marketing experts today.