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How to Ensure Your Website Design Generates a Return

Unlock the code to developing a website that acts like a first-rate salesperson.

Identifying your business goals can help ensure your website design generates a return for your business.

For many companies, website development is like a foreign language. From coding and design to content development and DNS hosting, there are many technical aspects that are beyond the average comfort zone. But before you turn a web development company loose to handle these challenges on your behalf, you need a strategy to ensure your new site generates a return – and isn’t just another slick design with eye-catching graphics. Follow these steps to help ensure your website is transformed into a first-rate salesperson:

  • Identify your business goals
  • Determine how to measure your success
  • Understand your visitors

Keep reading to learn more about unlocking the code to a return-generating web design.

Identify your business goals

The first question to ask before even thinking about your website look and feel is: what are my business goals? Whether it’s generating new leads, increasing sales, or building and enhancing your brand image, narrowing down your ideal result will help set the foundation for a successful new website design. 

Need help defining or establishing your business goals? Learn about our goals-based digital marketing strategy services aimed to deliver a return on your investment.

Determine how to measure your success

Great websites today are no longer just a brochure – they’ve transformed into the ultimate salesperson. And just like any other member of your sales team, you need to hold it accountable for its performance. To do that, ask: how will we know whether the new website design is successful? If more leads are what you’re after, you may need to increase your conversion rate to measure your success. If enhancing your bottom line is more important, perhaps decreasing your cost-per-visitor will be your key measurement factor that will validate the effectiveness of this sales-machine. This critical step will help ensure your website design dollars are funneled in the right places, and not wasted on vanity features you don’t need.

Understand your visitors

The next essential step to ensuring your website design generates a return for your business is asking: Who is my ideal visitor? Think about the people or companies who need your products and services in terms of their personal traits like income, age, hobbies, and stressors. These factors will play a critical role in developing website funnels that can help generate more clicks and sales from your target user.

Return-generating website designs grounded in your business goals will help transform your site from a tired brochure into a first-rate salesperson.  

Is your website designed to generate a return? Use our website analysis checklist to find out. If it isn’t, connect with our Madison-area digital marketing professionals for help. Contact us online or by phone at (608) 827-7800 today.