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4 Easy Ways to Optimize Your Website

Make your website work harder to drive revenue for your business. 

Improve conversion rates and business revenue by using video and live chat to enrich customer experience and optimize your website.

With an eye towards marketing and budget planning for 2020, you might be wondering whether your website needs a total redesign or some minor tweaks. The website analysis checklist on our previous blog post offered handy guidelines to help make your answer clear. For those of you looking more for evolution, not revolution, we’re focusing this post on fresh ideas on how to optimize your website by creating more dialogue with your customers.

Here are four easy ways to improve conversion and generate more profit for your business.

1. Boost engagement with video

According to recent research from Hubspot, four times as many customers would rather watch a video about a product than read about it, and nearly 50% of internet users look for videos related to a product or service before visiting a store.

Get out that video camera or smartphone and create short (1-2 minute) videos to share your valuable knowledge. Educate and entertain current and potential customers with case studies, product demonstrations, or how-to videos. Use video blogs to highlight uplifting personal stories from employees that make customers feel good about your brand. Be sure to include the ability for users to comment on each entry to keep the dialogue flowing.

2. Enhance customer convenience with a Live Chat feature

How does this work? Is it in stock? What colors does it come in? In the age of Twitter, no one has the time to wait for answers. When properly implemented and fully manned, Live Chat is powerful customer service tool. You can significantly lift satisfaction levels and conversion rates by giving users the information they need quickly – without having to leave your site. Not sure how to add Live Chat to your site? Work with digital marketing experts for sound advice. Click here to learn the benefits of partnering with an experienced digital marketing agency. 

3. Crank up customer interaction with contests

Interactive contests and surveys are two additional ways to optimize your site. It’s also an inexpensive and nearly inexhaustible source of user-generated content, which has a huge influence on purchasing decisions. Ask visitors to name a new product, write a jingle, or send in personal videos featuring or espousing the benefits of your merchandise, then ask followers to vote on their favorites via social media. These interactions build buzz for your brand and, eventually, bigger profits. 

4. Fulfill expectations with frequently asked questions

A frequently asked questions (FAQ) page is an essential feature of any effective website. Putting answers to common questions in a single location helps you earn trust and build sales by saving customers precious time. And because you can’t anticipate every question, allow users to submit new questions, then update your FAQs to reflect those that arise most often.

Make 2020 a breakthrough year for your business. Optimize your website—and your revenue—by incorporating these four engagement-enhancing ideas into your integrated digital marketing strategy.

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