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How to Develop a Sitemap for Online Lead Generation

Don’t miss these hints for creating a comprehensive roadmap to generate leads online.  

Discover these hints to develop a comprehensive sitemap for online lead generation.
If you don’t know where you’re going, how will you ever get there? That’s the idea behind sitemaps for your lead generation website. They are the website development version of a roadmap, guiding your visitors in the direction they want to go – through pages and funnels most likely to convert them into a lead. So, how do you develop a sitemap that generates a conversion-driven website design? The answer lies in a series of follow-up questions you need to ask yourself:  

  • Who are your visitors?
  • What stresses do they have?
  • What website funnels should you have?
  • What other information do they need to act?

Keep reading to learn more about how to develop a sitemap for online lead generation.

Who are your visitors?

Knowing your potential audience and their interests when visiting your website is essential when laying out the sections of your sitemap. Consider segmenting your website visitors into groups based on similar characteristics. For example, if you sell insurance to both individuals and companies, you’ll want to think about these two audiences differently and ensure it’s easy for both to find the information they need to convert.

What stressors do they have? 

Determine what is motivating your visitors to come to your website and figure out how your services can meet their needs. Understanding the stressors and desires of your audience can ensure you set up a high-performing sitemap that contains the necessary elements to generate leads. To get started, write down a list of your different audience types and the unique needs of each. When deciding on pages, funnels, and sections to include in your sitemap, be sure to go back to this list to ensure you’ve covered all the pathways to online lead generation. 

What website funnels should you have? 

Website funnels appear on the home page of your website and should be included when you’re developing a comprehensive sitemap for any lead generation website. Funnels create a simplified user experience and help different subsets of your audience find their individualized answers immediately.

Watch our educational video or read our article on how website funnels can stop frustrating your visitors to learn more about funneling.

What other information do they need to act?  

Aside from website funnels, your sitemap should also contain key pages or sections that visitors need to access quickly to help them make decisions about whether to work with you. Think testimonials, a company blog, and explainer videos. Take note of the critical information your visitors may want to explore that would help them feel more comfortable contacting you.

Answering these four questions are part of the initial process that will help you determine how to develop a comprehensive sitemap for online lead generation.

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