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6 Common Website Design and Marketing Mistakes

Use an experienced agency to help you avoid these website and marketing pitfalls.

One of the common website design and marketing mistakes is to have undefined business metrics and goals.

Your website has the potential to be the single most valuable marketing tool for your business. While you may be a locally-based company, a website instantly connects you to billions around the globe. Since your website has the capability of generating leads and sales, it’s imperative that it’s built correctly and has the marketing power to drive traffic. So we’re sharing the six most common website design and marketing mistakes we’ve helped correct in our 22 years developing websites and marketing strategies.  

Mistake #1: Undefined metrics and goals

Websites and marketing efforts have no real direction unless proper metrics and goals are defined upfront. It’s difficult to measure results when it’s unclear what your business is trying to accomplish.

MISTAKE #2: Disconnected efforts

Your website and marketing should always be connected because they support one another when used correctly. Website development (or improvement) should be a fundamental part of your overall marketing strategy, much like paid advertising or social media. If you build a website without any additional marketing – or expect that an existing, underperforming website is sufficient, you will see it reflected in your bottom line. Learn more about the benefits of an integrated marketing strategy here.

MISTAKE #3: Inconsistent messaging

While it’s important to communicate effectively with a variety of audiences your business is targeting, it’s equally important for your message to stay on-brand. While it may not be easy, ensure that you’re creating consistent branded content that resonates with your target audiences. Discover how content marketing can work wonders for your business here.

MISTAKE #4: Misunderstanding the marketing mix

Marketing is all about the mix. And you want to strategically use the entire mix at once to get results. Simply trying one tactic, like social media, SEO, or content marketing, and expecting results, just won’t work. An agency can help you consider your goals, resources, and budget, then determine which mix of marketing tactics might work best to reach your target audience. 

MISTAKE #5: MISsed sales opportunities

Your business needs to commit to a dedicated sales effort to manage the leads your marketing campaign generates. Many companies invest resources into digital marketing, but fall short on sales follow-ups. If you don’t have adequate staff to respond to sales questions and inquiries, consult with an experienced digital marketing agency for lead management advice that can help you be successful.

MISTAKE #6: Giving up too quickly

Have you ever thought that your website or marketing doesn’t work? Don’t throw in the towel too quickly. You should test different theories related to text, images, or new buttons and menus to see if results change. If something doesn’t work, change it back or develop a new theory to test. Have patience, be creative, and continue to experiment.

Use these examples to help you avoid the pain of common website design and marketing mistakes when creating next year’s marketing plan. But there’s no need do it all on your own.

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