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Website Improvement

5 Stats That Will Make You Rethink the Importance of Your Website Design

Clean and simple website design, top performance, and mobile compatibility are the essential ingredients for a website to generate revenue, and these five stats will show you why.

5 Reasons Website Improvement is Better than Website Redesign

Overseeing the designing and development of your new corporate website can be intimidating, stressful, and time-consuming. Here are five benefits of website improvement over website redesign.

How Website Funnels Can Stop Frustrating Your Visitors

Mastering the art and science of a high-performance website may increasingly seem more complex, and all the while, it’s becoming more important than ever for generating leads and sales online. One way to optimize your company’s website is through website funnels.

4 Easy Ways to Optimize Your Website

For those looking more for evolution, not revolution, we’re focusing this post on fresh ideas on how to optimize your website by creating more dialogue with your customers.

Is Your Website Working to Raise Your Revenue?

Taking a moment to consider the following indicators of an effective website will help you determine the difference between needing a major overhaul and making a few incremental improvements. 

10 Ways to Improve Your Website

Your company’s website is its identity on the internet. First impressions are everything! Building one that attracts users, rather than returning them back to Google’s search results, is the key to driving visitors and sales.

Website Design: The Good, the Bad and the Unresponsive

We’re highlighting good and bad web design practices when it comes to mobile, layout, color, motion, funneling, and copy.